Icodia’s R&D division offers solutions
for data centers, server rooms and hosting services.

Icodia Labs has been serving Icodia’s data center for 20 years.

Our missions aim to improve the performance and maintain the reliability of systems while respecting cybersecurity challenges.

They cover an extensive scope ranging from environmental sensors to scalable and redundant VDS infrastructures, as well as cybersecurity solutions.

Our applications combine machine learning and technology intelligence.

Our research fields


We develop complete solutions that cover electrical, HVAC, network and IT engineering. We thus have a complete expertise on the physical and technical platform of our datacenter, its connectivity and security.

Supervision / Management / Monitoring

A very high availability datacenter must meet high requirements in terms of supervision and management of each of its components (physical or software). Our engineers have developed a range of products to meet these needs.


Cybersecurity is an essential part of Icodia Labs’ business. Confronted with constant threats, it is necessary to implement solutions that can react, anticipate and evolve. The EndiGuard range protects you against these risks.

The EndiGuard range: protection solutions

EndiGuard software combines machine learning and technology monitoring to provide your applications with an optimal level of security.


EndiGuard.Mel is a SaaS for anti-virus and anti-spam email filtering


EndiGuard.Web is an application filtering solution (WAF) with a decision-making analytical system that blocks threats in real time.


EndiGuard.WP is a platform for securing WordPress sites

Icodia Labs relies on innovative
internal resources to design these solutions:

Automated decision making system

Decision-making algorithms


Real-time analysis of large amounts of data

Analysis and detection robots

Physical and logical security

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Full monitoring solutions 24/7/365

Owned Tier IV data center in operation for 20 years